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Introducing Goolie Putters,
Performance Above the Rest!

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Goolie introduces its first revolutionary putters - BGS-33 and BGS-Ex. Engineered in the USA, these uniquely designed clubs push golf design principles toward new limits. These design principles utilize the most advanced engineering materials of various mechanical and physical characteristics and transform them into a perfectly balanced mechanical system. All components are carefully sculptured into geometric shapes that are pleasing to the eye. These components exhibit unique mass properties and are combined into a club of uncompromised performance.

The BGS-33 and BGS-Ex Balanced Gravity System is manufactured using the most advanced technological methodologies available today. Rest assured that all Goolie products exhibit impeccable quality in their execution. Goolie stands behind every putter shipped from its facility in Southern California.

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Benefits of Balanced Gravity System design:

  • Minimized twisting during take away
  • Minimized twisting during the stroke motion
  • Minimized twisting during and after impact with the ball
  • Maximum forgiveness during miss hits
  • Maximized top spin followed by a non-skid ball roll toward target
  • Enhanced feel for distance control
  • Optimal loft / lie / bounce design characteristics
  • Optimal shaft flex and shaft shape characteristics
  • Well shaped grip and grip firmness, featuring non-slip / moisture resistant materials
  • Ultimate (SW) head weight to putter length ratio
  • Precision alignment features
  • Enhanced reassuring sound and feel during impact
  • Ultimate and satisfying color and glare characteristics
  • Pleasant and non-obscured aesthetic looks
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